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May 31, 2009

Federal reserve

Oct. 1009 [+]



May 28, 2009

May 19, 2009

Pelosi called for new pecora commission?

I missed this.

cryonics-- The Cryonics Hypothesis-- May 2009


Cryonics Column for April 2009

Now I've indexed a threaded outline/discussion.

Credit crunch continues.

The subject line will always lead to a discussion. This is an indexing feature and possibly a summarizer.

Auto companies can retool.

I'll try to get larouche's view on retooling to Alec Baldwin and his readers. Click on the subject line to follow that effort.

[+] Here's my narrative/forum on the bankruptcies of the car companies.

Behaviorist Larry Summers still in power.

Larry Summers is still in power. He controls the mind of Obama and must be disempowered for Obama to operate as FDR.

Ads we'd like to see-- This is you.

Click on th subject line above. It's a hypothetical ad.

The Mexico Flu news fades to backburner.

After the initial wave of fear, we witness the Mexico flu recending into the background of the news... lurking as a continuing threat. Click on the subject line above for the updates in chronological order.

Fucose might actually work.

I've ordered a 90 day supply after the initial 30 day test. It opens up intercell communiction and is fundamental. I'm acting consistent with that.

Discussion forum for topics here.

Discussions are still useul but the n54 format doesn't allow indexing...

Cryonics uses mind-control.

Cryonics insiders are using mind control to keep control over their operations. Rick Ross examines mind control here. [+] Cryonics doesn't require mind control however. Cryonics is a concept unto itself that has validity and is open to debate. However those people who are currently on the inner circle of cryonics are behaviorists who think that they must control "public perception" of cryonics for cryonics to 'succeed'-- in the way the define it.

Tangle with SDC at cult forum is over.

[Rick Ross forum]


What is personics?
What is personology?
What is the point?
What is person preservation?

Personology is word.

This is great.

Also see personics.

Canola oil is dangerous.


Ettinger inspires "meverse"

he he.

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