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Nov 28, 2009

Tobin Tax would slow churning.

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Nov 26, 2009

Philossifur's Blog updates and index

I write what I think is one of the best blogs ever written by virtue of the set up. Take a look. Find a topic below in the "latest issues" section or the index and click on it. The relevent post appears right here at the top. From there you can click on the subject line to go into further detail in a forum.

Illegal to critisize EU?

Rediculous 1999 law against critisizing EU being busted.

MS cure found?

Multiple sclerosis, MS, might be due to a blockage in arteries and cured by unclogging.

Nov 22, 2009

Nov 8, 2009

TARP was used to cover e-bank run 9/11/08

Common Purpose Masons are insane.

Takedown Civilization

Many people I speak to personally about Larouche do not believe that civlization is being taken down. So I looked up "takedown civilizaiton" on Google and sure enough, there are lots of people-- like anarchists-- who actually express the intention. Prince Phillip is just the most dangerous in this regard becaues he's connected to The Crown and the Globalists.

Nov 7, 2009

Drug wars continue in Mexico and US

I lost track of this after Hillary Clinton visited Mexico. There has been no mainstream news update on the massive wars going on in which the drug lords are outgunning the military the police.

Geihtner has to go.

Auto industry bailouts won't work-- retooling will.

Insurance industry meltdown imminent.

The danger is that the insurance industry is exposed to commercial real estate which is crashing now.

Previous ice ages, interglatials and civilizations teach us something.

We're due for another ice age-- and to escape damage to civilization, we're racing against it to produce nuclear fusion and other strategies to survive this coming "long winter".

German flying saucers might use Tesla tech

I've followed this line of thought out a little bit and it appears more real than you might at first think.

Unemployment ratchets up in Oct 09

India and China

Swine flu Nov. 2009

Nov 5, 2009

Cryonics Investigative Reporters mailing list.

It appears to me that much of what goes on in cryonics is now underground and under-reported. My objective here is to generate an email list of bloggers who spot this message who would be able and willing to feed me inside information that I can publish about the fledgling effort we currently call cryonics-- but which might involve contributions from low temperature surgeons, Owada freezer experts and others. The larger context for cryonics, namely "the future", is neccessarily political and economic in nature and so I'll be covering that as well, from the Larouche persepctive of destroying Globalism in favor of Westphalian nation-state community building. To participate, email me at philossifur@yahoo.com.

Swine flu defense is vitamin D3

I'm tending to believe this. [Discuss]

Global warming is a total fraud.

There is no global warming because there is no global climate. Enter my latest threaded discussion on this [here].

Panic in Ukraine over super swine flu.

It's the french fries, apparently. Maybe. This is a very odd thing that has to be looked at.

Nov 4, 2009

California wildfires-- 800 of them ?

Earlier in 2009 there were 800 wildfires started at the same time. [Discuss]

Welcome to my blog.

Visit this blog. [http://www.meverse.blogspot.com]

Railways, Buffet's purchase of Burlington rail

Digital hidef tv mind control

Yucca Mountain closure?

The entire idea of nuclear waste is bogus to begin with. [+] What's really needed however is reprocessing which was shut down in the 1970's.

Cryonics, Ted Williams & Johnson's book

Cold Filter is a fairly open discussion forum that is viewed by many in the cryonics community, some of whom contribute valuable insights. To get the best publicly available information on the Larry Johnson book about Alcor and Ted Williams, join the forum here--[enter discussion-- to participate, sign on for an N54 account and log in to post. Posts are subject to approval by the moderator, a few times day.]

Swiss bank accounts and Hitler


Internet tools

I'm exploring different internet tools here. You can join me in looking at what I think might be useful. [Click here to enter threaded discussion]

Peloponnesian war

Open discussion on the historical effects of the Peloponnesian War here --->[+] The war was a conflagration between Athens, Corinth and Syracuse and involved the struggle over what money was going to be, in a sense. To this day, we don't have a resolution but we're getting close.

Nov 3, 2009

solar power hoax

[+]Discuss solar power and learn how it's a hoax due to insufficient power density for 6.5 billion people on Earth. Enter discussion here

North American Union

bank failures

weather control



Nov 2, 2009



Gorbachev, British agent

Erasing the point

Cell phones

Unitarian Universalism


[+] In November, 2009, I see prions are the apparent cause of wasting disease in Elk in Minnesota. (Rense posted this).

Nov 1, 2009

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