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Jul 31, 2009

Food is being threatened-- of course-- makes sense in depopulation program

If you're Illuminati-- and you're interested in depopulating the Earth, you must take control of the food. All the food. And you must poison it. That's essential... and you must have the good food only for yourself. I'm tracking that here... click on the subject line. No login needed but messages will be approved by me before appearing.

Jul 28, 2009

Saturn might explode in 2010 due to NASA stupidity.

Figure out if this story is valid-- by checking Jupiter's spot. Click on the subject line above for updated tracking where you can add your own comments subject to approval-- but with no log in needed.

Slave labour is destroying the USA

Incredibly, employers have been allowed to hire illegal immigrants by the millions in the USA... from Mexico... because they're "willing to do jobs Americans are not"? THIS in addition to shipping good jobs to plants in China and elsewhere-- is ECONOMIC WAR... and it has destroyed my generation.... and we will not recover. That's it. The only way back is to agree on NeoPlatonic Humanism... .as pointed to by Larouche. Without that, we're totally screwed. Click on the link above for the details.

Breastfeeding going down is a human disaster.

Breast milk has fucose, a type of sugar needed for human brain development. Human breast milk has it... and it's not found in anything else other than one other type of food--- I'll look it up. Gamme brainwaves are needed for high level thinking and might be inducible with the right music or binaural beats. For more on all of this, click on the subject line above.

Financial crash Oct. 12 says Larouche. [Dark pool money]

(click on the subject line above for details)


etf options - PhilO on Jul 21, 2009

Hedge funds grew from 0 to 2 trillion in 7 years. - PhilO on Jul 22, 2009
Only created in past 10 years with Japan's 0% - PhilO on Jul 22, 2009
IMPLOSION--- occuring right now. - PhilO on Jul 22, 2009

Dark pool trading fund at Goldman sachs from 2005. - PhilO on Jul 22, 2009

Can't track it. - PhilO on Jul 22, 2009

Laoruche pointing to implosion on Oct. 2 - PhilO on Jul 28, 2009

Jul 24, 2009

Jul 16, 2009

Jul 13, 2009

Jul 9, 2009

Jul 8, 2009


Jul 7, 2009


Twitter is horrible. Click on subject line above to follow my line of thought on that.

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